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Healthcare Commission calls for improved stroke treatment

6th March 2006

The Healthcare Commission has today published a report that highlights a need for improvement in the care of stroke victims.

The commission's survey of stroke patients after they had left hospital demonstrates that more needs to be done by healthcare services in the rehabilitation process.

Although the majority of patients regard their care in the immediate aftermath of a stroke as excellent, this figure falls away to 66 per cent one year on from discharge.

Nearly 60 per cent of those asked believed they had not been involved sufficiently in care decisions during rehabilitation and almost a third of patients claim not to have received any information about their condition, with those that did saying it allowed them to feel more in control of their situation.

Commenting on the report, Joe Korner, the director of communications for the Stroke Association said: "The latest findings from the Healthcare Commission confirm the sorry state of services for stroke survivors after they leave hospital.

"The report demonstrates that the current strategies in place to support stroke patients once they leave hospital are failing too many stroke survivors," he added.

Stroke is the UK's third largest killer and accounts for around 70,000 lives each year.