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Healthcare commission agrees with right to dignity

14th November 2006

The Healthcare Commission has spoken out in support of the government's Dignity in Care campaign, which was launched today.

Amanda Hutchinson, head of older people policy for the Healthcare Commission, has said that dignity in care needs to move higher up the agenda.

She said that the commission is contributing to this effort by making the issue an important aspect of the 2007 NHS Trusts performance assessments.

"This initiative is good news," asserted Ms Hutchinson.

"Older people also have a right to be involved in their care. When a patient feels informed and involved their chances of recovery are much greater."

"Dignity and respect must underpin everyone's work. From the chief executive to doctors and nurses on wards, it is each individual's responsibility to treat the people they are caring for with dignity and respect."

The Healthcare Commission released a report on services for older people in March 2006, which was written in association with the Commission for Social Care Inspection and the Audit Commission.