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Health MOT for the over-60s

28th February 2006

Elderly residents of the village of Alsagers in Staffordshire will have the chance to attend free eye and hearing tests at a local optician's next week.

The Lawton Road branch of optician chain Scrivens will begin its free services on Monday March 6th, giving the elderly a chance to assess much more than just their hearing and sight.

Not many people know that early signs of glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure are all detectable through a simple eye test.

Public awareness of the impact of poor hearing on an individual's quality of life also remains low.

"Poor hearing can severely impair people's enjoyment of life and unfortunately the likelihood of hearing loss rapidly increases when you're over 60," branch manager Andrea Brown told local newspaper the Sentinel.

People over the age of 65 have a 33 per cent chance of suffering from hearing loss, compared to 20 per cent for those under 65.

There are about nine million people who are deaf or hard of hearing in the UK, whilst 85 per cent of the two million with sight problems are aged over 65.