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Health bill must 'work with equality'

Health bill must 'work with equality'
5th December 2008

Two major national charities for the elderly have commented on proposals for the new health bill, with both highlighting the need for equality in reforms.

Age Concern and Help the Aged said that with older people being the predominant demographic served by the NHS, it was time for consistent and guaranteed care for the elderly.

Director of policy and external relations at Help the Aged Paul Cann said that ageism regularly "rears its ugly head" in the NHS, with many not being taken seriously due to their age and, as a result, being denied treatment.

He continued: "The NHS Reform Bill must go hand-in-hand with the Equality Bill and a ban on age discrimination‚ to ensure older people are treated according to their symptoms and not their age."

One of the campaigns currently being run by Help the Aged is the opposition of the UN's discrimination in reporting statistics of the HIV/AIDS epidemic without addressing anyone over the age of 49.

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