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Have you found a new side to yourself post-menopause?

Have you found a new side to yourself post-menopause?
20th June 2012

There is a reason why people have historically referred to the menopause as 'the change', as women can find that they are a completely new person once the transition is complete.

Post-menopause women often discover a whole new, positive side to themselves, with many feeling more confident afterwards.

Annette Greenwood, a life coach and mentor, commented: "[Menopause can] be a time when some women find a new sexiness and attractiveness about themselves, gaining a new lease of life they never had before."

This may manifest itself in an increased sex drive, with the stress of getting pregnant now removed, Mr Greenwood explained.

People also get reacquainted with their bodies and this can lead to a greater sense of self and awareness of what is needed to keep healthy.

Alternatively, this newfound self-confidence may impact on work performance, as women find the assurance they need in themselves to make bold decisions or climb the ladder.

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