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Has the financial crisis affected your mental health?

Has the financial crisis affected your mental health?
24th September 2012

The financial crisis has placed extra pressure on people in the UK, as many struggle to make ends meet.

This has also increased demand for mental health services, as incidences of stress-related illnesses rise.

Ann McCracken, vice president of ISMA (UK) and managing director AMC2, explained: "Many people in 2012 want to keep what they have, or have more possessions, holidays et cetera.  The financial strictures have meant that money coming in is less, in some cases significantly."

This is compounded by widespread redundancies and often insufficient pension payments.

With the situation causing problems for Britons across the board, many may be currently experiencing significant strain on their mental health and failing to seek assistance.

If people feel under too much pressure, it is important to take time out of the day to relax, talk about issues with another, and seek advice from a professional. This will ensure that fewer people are left to deal with complications in silence.

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