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Green tea can 'cut stroke risk'

Green tea can 'cut stroke risk'
3rd June 2009

By drinking green tea, people are more likely to stave off the risk of an ischemic stroke, according to new research.

The study, carried out at the Curtin University of Technology in Australia, found that as little as one cup of green tea a week can significantly cut down on the risks associated with the occurrence, which can cause localised paralysis and death.

Researchers looked over stroke cases involving patients in southern China and compared their situation to the consumption of green tea during that time.

After analysing the amount of tea leaf consumed, how long they had been drinking it and how much was consumed a day, it was concluded there was a significant decrease in the risk of blood blockages in the brain's arteries for those who drank at least one cup a week. highlighted how green tea is a "miracle" drink, reputed to be helpful in cutting down risks associated with cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, infection and impaired immune function.

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