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GPs missing the mark in end of life care

GPs missing the mark in end of life care
17th May 2012

GPs in the UK appear to be missing the mark when it comes to end of life care, with new research showing that approximately one third do not talk to patients approaching death about their wishes.

The Dying Matters Coalition has released figures detailing the way in which death is currently approached in the health care system.

According to the study, three quarters of both doctors and members of the public feel that death is not a subject they wish to broach.

This means that some GPs may not be conforming with official guidelines relating to end-of-life practices because they are uncomfortable with the subject matter.

Michelle Mitchell, Age UK charity director general, commented: "Good end of life care must be available to everyone. GPs play a key role in every stage of a person's life, particularly at the most difficult stages."

Thus, there must be a willingness to engage with the issue of death if a good standard of end-of-life care is to prevail.

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