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Govt urged to review drugs charges

Govt urged to review drugs charges
5th June 2009

People with Alzheimer's disease and dementia are being "drugged and robbed" when they need care the most, according to a leading charity.

The Alzheimer's Society stated that the government is not fulfilling decent care regulations by prescribing harmful antipsychotic drugs for sufferers of neurodegenerative disorders, charging extortionate amounts to families of those affected.

Neil Hunt, the chief executive of the charity, explained that 105,000 people are inappropriately prescribed drugs which double the risk of death, triple the risk of stroke and "accelerate cognitive decline".

He continued: "People become victims of daylight robbery as they are forced to pay huge amounts for often poor quality care. Care homes cost five times the state pension and quality varies greatly."

Earlier this week, it was reported that curry could help people fight the effects of cognitive decline, with curcumin - a property found in turmeric - being the main agent which aids individuals.

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