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Govt sets out new care objectives

Govt sets out new care objectives
6th July 2012

The government has set out a new care strategy following a public consultation, entitled 'Our NHS care objectives: a draft mandate to the NHS Commissioning Board'.

Health secretary Andrew Lansley claims that the objectives are key in creating a patient-centred, independent, transparent and outcome focused NHS.

"In the past there has been too much focus on systems and processes rather than people," he stated.

"For the first time the mandate will focus on holding the health service to account for results that make a difference to people."

The objectives include preventing premature deaths, supporting those with long-term conditions by enabling them to look after themselves.

Supporting people through their recovery, making sure people have positive experiences of NHS care, and treating people in clean and save environments are also part of the new strategy.

The changes have been welcomed by mental health charity Mind, which claims that they will put a greater emphasis on mental health.

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