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Govt reforms way information provided to disabled people

7th February 2007

Public sector organisations are to be given guidance on how to improve their provision of information to disabled people, the government has announced.

Disabled people's minister Anne McGuire said a five point guide written by the Office for Disability Issues (ODI) would be distributed to help public sector organisations provide adequate information to disabled people.

"Good quality information is essential in helping all of us in the public sector in providing a quality service," Ms McGuire said.

"The ODI's research shows that a lack of, or misleading information, can be an important factor preventing disabled people from getting services they need."

She added that the guide was based on five principles including to ensure disabled people are involved in from the start, clearly signposting other services and making it clear where the information comes from.

It follows research which reveals that one in three disabled people has problems accessing goods and services, often because of the way information is provided.