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Govt 'needs to be more serious' about funding for Alzheimer's

Govt 'needs to be more serious' about funding for Alzheimer's
17th April 2009

A charity has spoken out against the level of support provided to sufferers of Alzheimer's disease by the government, stating that it needs to take the condition more seriously.

Speaking on behalf of the Alzheimer's Research Trust, a representative of the charity stated that the government has already made vital steps towards a bigger commitment to solving problems associated with the disease.

One example of this, he said, was the National Dementia Strategy which aims to guarantee a "memory clinic" in every town in the UK.

The spokesman continued: "However, the only long-term solution to our dementia crisis is more research; the government must fund much more dementia research if it is serious about finding new treatments, preventions and possibly a cure."

According to recent data from the Alzheimer's Society, 60,000 deaths a year are directly related to dementia, with 64 per cent of people in care homes suffering from one form or another of the condition.

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