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Govt 'must make public more aware' of cancer risk factors

Govt 'must make public more aware' of cancer risk factors
14th May 2012

The government must take steps to make the public more aware of the risk factors associated with cancer.

Dr Lara Bennett, science communication manager at the Association for International Cancer Research, claims that having knowledge about the threats is key to making the life changes that could help avoid cancer.

"Most people know smoking is bad for you, [for example], but they are unaware how bad and how many different types of cancer smoking can affect," she explained. "[The government can] make people more aware."

Similarly, the government can play a key role in encouraging people to take part in national screening campaigns, such as the cervical cancer screening programme and encouraging young girls to have the HPV vaccine.

Recent campaigns have also been launched to promote breast and bowel cancer screenings for men and women over the age of 50.

What's more, these prevention measures must also be drilled into children, so they know how to live healthy lifestyles.

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