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Government targets neurodegenerative diseases

13th September 2005

A team from University College London and the University of Newcastle upon Tyne have been chosen to lead a £20 million initiative to speed up the development of new medical treatments for dementia and neurodegenerative disease, the Department of Health announced today.

The team will co-ordinate a network of NHS staff and resources across the country to expand the number and range of clinical trials of medical treatments for neurodegenerative diseases such as Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Huntingdon's Disease and Alzheimer's.

This is the latest development in the government's drive to help the advancement of new medical treatments in six specific disease areas - stroke, diabetes, medicines for children, mental health, cancer, and dementias and neurodegenerative diseases. Each network co-ordinates NHS resources and, working in partnership with clinical researchers, primary care trusts, the pharmaceutical industry and the voluntary sector, enables more patients to take part in clinical trials.

Dr Susanne Sorensen, Head of Research at the Alzheimer's Society said: "The Dementias and Neurodegenerative Disease Research Network marks a positive step forward for dementia care, as all too often clinical trials in this area fail to get the support they deserve. This initiative will make clinical research for dementia easier and will hopefully lead to more treatments for the thousands of people in the UK who have this distressing condition. The Society is looking forward to the exciting new opportunities the Network will create and hopes to be closely involved with its future work."