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Government scheme to help elderly remain independent

20th March 2006

The elderly are to receive increased opportunities to continue living from home.

An £18.5 million government project is set to provide the elderly with chances to receive care in their homes rather than in care homes or hospitals.

The care services minister Liam Byrne, said: "After a lifetime of contribution to their community older people deserve the absolute best in care services. We must develop services tailored to their needs and wishes and ensure they are treated with dignity.

"Older people have told us that they want to be cared for in their own homes and communities for as long as possible, and these projects will help them to do just that."

Elderly people are to be given the opportunity over the coming months to tell councils what areas of care would allow them to live from home for longer.

It is hoped the measures will lessen the burden on nursing homes by reducing avoidable admissions.

Health and Social Care Information Centre statistics state that the number of people receiving care in their homes has steadily risen over the past three years.