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Government 'must not overlook dementia'

Government 'must not overlook dementia'
3rd February 2011

Dementia patients must not be overlooked by the government's new mental health strategy, the Alzheimer's Society has said.

Deputy prime minister Nick Clegg announced that £400 million investment would be put into reforming the mental health system.

This will involve improving access to modern, evidence-based psychological therapies.

The Alzheimer's Society responded to the announcement, saying that the 750,000 people living with dementia in the UK must not be overlooked by the strategy and that the funding aids those with all mental health conditions.

"[Dementia patients] can face a double whammy of discrimination because of the stigma attached to mental health conditions and ageism. The Mental Health Strategy has the power to tackle both these issues head on and transform lives," he added.

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Gothenburg carried out an unusual placebo experiment that found a shunt can significantly improve mental function and walking in dementia patients.

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