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Government announces new dementia strategy

Government announces new dementia strategy
9th November 2009

The Ministerial Group on Dementia Research has been recently announced, following the publication of guidelines by the Department for Health and Medical Research Council in July.

Chaired by Phil Hope, the minister for care services who announced the organisation's formation, it will seek to drive UK dementia research forward by increasing volumes, quality and the overall impact of research into the neurodegenerative disease.

Rebecca Wood, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Research Trust, said the formation of the ministerial organisation is "long overdue" yet will lead to dedication to solving the issue of dementia.

However, it must be committed to the cause, with Ms Wood adding: "The population living with dementia in the UK is forecast to double within a generation and research is critical to offering genuine hope of a solution. With so much at stake, the Ministerial Group cannot afford to be a talking shop."

She added that funds must be increased to bring about any major change, as this will be the only way to find a cure or treatment.

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