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Gordon Brown pledges to make care funding fairer

Gordon Brown pledges to make care funding fairer
12th May 2008

Prime minister Gordon Brown has stated that reform of Britain's social care system is needed.

In a speech, Mr Brown outlined that England's care system alone faces a shortfall of £6 billion in the next two decades if measures are not taken soon.

The BBC reports that the prime minister is suggesting better collaboration between health and social services and aiding people in saving money for care so that they do not have to sell their homes or rely on support from their family.

"This is an issue at the heart of our ambition to create a fairer Britain. Of course, helping relatives is a challenge that most families rise to - however difficult it becomes, stated Mr Brown.

"It is essential that in future there is fairness for those who work hard and save for their retirement."

This follows news that health secretary Alan Johnson has launched a six-month consultation about the future of care in Britain.