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Good nutrition 'vital for older people'

Good nutrition 'vital for older people'
12th October 2010

The need to help older people get access to good, nutritious food during the winter months is vital, it is claimed.

As people age and lose mobility, or develop cognitive impairment conditions such as dementia, it can become difficult for them to maintain a balanced diet, according to Lynne Berry, chief executive of the Women's Royal Voluntary Service.

As such it is important that those providing permanent or respite care services ensure that meals are providing the right ingredients to see older people through the winter months.

Ms Berry was reacting to the publication of a report by the National Association of Care Catering, which indicates that one in ten older people are at risk of malnutrition.

"This is a timely contribution to the debate at a time when decision makers have to weigh choices about the future of our care services before the conclusion of the spending round," she said.

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