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Get your diet sorted to improve heart health

Get your diet sorted to improve heart health
19th September 2012

Heart disease is a major problem for older adults in the UK and to reduce risk it is important to get diets in check.

There are certain foods that can boost the threat of cardiovascular complications and it is vital that these are avoided.

Heart UK ambassador and Italian chef Aldo Zilli explained: "We all need to be eating a diet that is low in saturated fat but not necessarily low in fat. This means that we should avoid animal fats (butter, lard, fatty meats, full fat dairy products, pastry, rich cakes and puddings)."

Instead, to improve heart health people should eat lean meats, fish, nuts, low fat dairy foods and vegetable oils and spreads. Fruit and vegetables should also be a staple of any diet.

While this may all seem relatively obvious, there is a worrying number of people in the UK that are unsure of what to eat and have little knowledge about heart health.

A survey conducted prior to this week's National Cholesterol Week revealed that nearly a third of people are unaware that high cholesterol can be inherited, while only 38 per cent knew that over half of the population have unhealthy cholesterol levels.

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