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Genetic links identified for heart disease characteristics

Genetic links identified for heart disease characteristics
20th September 2007

US researchers have published the results of their genome-wide examination of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease and other disorders.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol and cigarette smoking are among the influences considered by the landmark Framingham Heart Study (FHS).

Lead author Dr Philip Wolf commented: "It is our hope that the results from the genome-wide association study will lead to a deeper understanding of the role of common genetic variation in the development of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors.

"Although these results should be considered hypothesis generating and need to be replicated, these papers clearly provide proof of genome-wide associations."

The findings are available to researchers around the world via the database of Genotypes and Phenotypes and it is hoped they will generate many new hypotheses to stimulate further research.

Previous studies, including some by FHS, have previously suggested that certain traits related to heart disease, blood pressure, lipids, diabetes and weight are both inherited and associated with specific genomic regions.