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Gel could help Alzheimer sufferers

5th January 2006

A gel which includes the hormone testosterone may help people with Alzheimer's disease, research has found.

The report, published in the Archives of Neurology, found that testosterone replacement therapy may have a positive affect in Alzheimer's patients' moods, physical health and energy levels, particularly in men.

However, researchers could not find any evidence that testosterone could improve mental capacity. But participants in the 24 week study reported that their quality of life had improved over time.

"The present results should be considered preliminary and do not warrant routine treatment of AD and healthy control men with testosterone," said the authors in the report.

"Future studies with larger sample sizes are needed before clinical decisions regarding testosterone therapy can be rationally based."

It concluded: "For men with compromised quality of life, as reflected on the type of measure employed in this study, and who suffer from low testosterone levels, testosterone therapy may be a reasonable consideration."