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GaitAid registers success with multiple sclerosis issues

GaitAid registers success with multiple sclerosis issues
19th August 2009

A person affected by multiple sclerosis has spoken of how modern technology has allowed her to become more mobile.

Francesca De Grandis of Meadville explained that she was determined to fight against her condition and adopted the cutting-edge offering from GaitAid, which is aimed at rehabilitating anyone with a movement disorder.

She said it has renewed her faith in recovery and allows her to do a more vigorous exercise routine.

Ms De Grandis explained: "I don't have to create methods myself anymore. All I have to do is put on the GaitAid and follow the instructions that come with it. It does the work for me.

"Now, the re-patterning is happening at a fast rate."

Aimed at those encountering things such as Parkinson's disease, stroke, cerebral palsy and cerebral atrophy, GaitAid has already proved itself to be popular with a number of people across the world.

Last week, a woman known as Jeanne explained how her "severe shaking" has been curbed through the use of GaitAid, with the woman being affected by Parkinson's disease for the last 12 years.

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