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Further funding made available to Welsh Parkinson's patients

Further funding made available to Welsh Parkinson's patients
26th June 2009

More money has been donated towards deep brain stimulation in Wales, with a successful campaign by the Parkinson's Disease Society (PDS) funding a further £400,000 for the treatment.

And despite the news being good for everyone involved in the project, it is still not a sufficient total as it will mean those getting the treatment will not be able to receive it for the entire course of 12 months.

The PDS estimates that in light of last year's figures, £400,000 will support between half and two-thirds of those undergoing the cutting-edge therapy, highlighting the need for donors to contribute to the worthy fund and alleviate the physical and mental pain many sufferers go through.

It concluded: "The Parkinson's Disease Society will continue to try and ensure that those people with Parkinson's in Wales who are eligible for deep brain stimulation are able to access it."

Earlier this month, broadcaster John Stapleton took part in the BBC Radio 4 Appeal to support the PDS, speaking of his mother's experiences with the disease to clarify his support for the charity.

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