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Funding boost for hospices

10th April 2007

The Department of Health yesterday awarded £40 million to local hospices.

The money will be spread between 146 hospices to improve the environment of adult service providers.

The move forms part of the Dignity in Care for Older People programme.

Improvements will include bringing a wider range of meals to hospices, carrying out refurbishments, increasing access to outdoor space, providing more single rooms, improving therapy facilities and providing IT facilities for residents.

The funding could also see centres being equipped with facilities which will allow families to stay with their relatives at night.

Rosie Winterton, Health Services minister, said: "When you are ill your surroundings are so important to your general well-being. Every patient has the right to be cared for in the best facilities possible.

"This investment in improving the service and care in hospices will directly benefit these very ill patients and as a result will have a positive effect on their families and friends."

The government recently put an additional £10 million towards Marie Curie Cancer Care.