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Functional activities 'help those with chronic pain'

Functional activities 'help those with chronic pain'
4th February 2011

Older people with chronic hip, knee and back pain should undertake certain exercises to help improve their condition, one expert has said.

Dr Nicola Walsh, a senior lecturer at the University of the West of England, said that people with these issues should concentrate on functional strengthening, mobilising and stability exercises.

"What's very important is that functional activities, such as sitting to standing, walking or stair climbing are integrated into any programme, as patients can see a direct correlation between exercises they are doing and potential improvements in their function," she added.

This comes after Dr Walsh received the largest grant the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has ever given out.

The funding is to be used to research the cost-effectiveness of prescribing exercise and self-management for older people with chronic knee, hip or lower back pain.

Currently, while exercise and self-management are recommended, they are delivered as joint specific interventions and the benefits of classes for people with these conditions have not yet been established.

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