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'Fruit could limit Alzheimer's risk'

'Fruit could limit Alzheimer's risk'
1st February 2008

Researchers from New York have claimed that fruit can help to guard against certain neurological diseases.

According to Chang Y Lee of Cornell University, apples, oranges and bananas contain phenolic phytochemicals which helps to prevent neurotoxity in neuron cells, United Press International reports.

The authors of the report, which appeared in the Journal of Food Science, said that the antioxidants contained in fresh fruit could protect neuronal cells from "oxidative stress".

"Additional consumption of fresh fruits such as apples, bananas and oranges may be beneficial to improve effects in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's," they stated.

In related news, Canadian research published in the Annals of Neurology noted that electrical stimulation of the brain is linked to an improvement in memory.

Rebecca Wood, chief executive of the Alzheimer's Research Trust, said that the study was "promising", but additional work needed to be done before an effective treatment could be found.

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