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Fruit and veg delay the onset of Alzheimer's

1st September 2006

The Alzheimer's Society has spoken out to highlight the importance of fruit and vegetables in delaying the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

Scientists believe that polyphenols found on the skin of fruit can help to reduce the risk of developing the disease later in life; a theory based on a ten-year study to be published in the American Journal of Medicine.

In fact, the researchers found that drinking juice more than three times a week reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's by 76 per cent.

"We think now that it's the polyphenols that are particularly abundant in the skin of many fruits and vegetables, particularly the high coloured ones," said Dr Susanne Sorensen, a spokesperson for the Alzheimer's Society.

"We believe that the polyphenols somehow interfere with the processes that end up damaging the brain and giving people Alzheimer's disease," she explained.

It has also been shown by recent studies that regular exercise of both the body and the mind can leave an individual less likely to develop Alzheimer's as they age.