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Friday documentary to focus on MND

Friday documentary to focus on MND
3rd December 2009

Tomorrow night (December 4th), Channel 4 is to look into the life of a man who has been profoundly affected by motor neurone disease (MND).

Henry Marcuzzi, who has helped create films for the last 30 years, will himself be the subject of Into That Good Night, which will address his condition at 19:30 GMT on Friday evening.

The man aims to "externalise the hatred and venom" he feels towards the neurodegenerative disorder which has hit him hard, explaining his desire to raise awareness of the disease, adding that the documentary has provided him with an effective way to do it.

"I used to think I could beat this disease, now I know I can't. However, I try not to dwell on that. I have to just live for the moment. I see MND as the second part of my journey. I had one life before diagnosis and now I have another one."

Another man with MND, Rob Shaw, is currently racing across the Atlantic Ocean on a 57ft boat in order to raise money for the MND Association.

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