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Free buses for elderly and disabled

3rd April 2006

Elderly and disabled people in England will be able to use local buses for free from today.

The department for transport's £350 million move will allow those over the age of 60 or people with disabilities to use off peak services in their local area free of charge.

The move is part of an attempt to provide elderly and disabled people with greater mobility, and allow them to remain as active members of the community.

Alan Burnett, senior policy officer at Help the Aged said: "As well as helping them to save money, the concessions will enable older people to stay in touch with friends and relatives and reach local services and facilities they depend on."

The scheme will be extended to a nationwide project in 2008, meaning those entitled to free buses in their local area will also be able to use their passes anywhere in England, similar to the scheme that was unveiled in Scotland on Friday.

People can receive their local bus pass by applying to their local authority.