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Foul makes you feel good

12th September 2006

Game birds such as partridge can make you feel better, according to new research.

It has long been an old wives' tale that certain foods will make you feel better, but after a UK study gave scientific weight to the claims, experts are recommending eating more foods such as nuts and game.

The research, published in the journal Bio Psychiatry, found that a supplement of the trace element selenium significantly improved volunteers' mood and decreased anxiety and depression.

Selenium is found in high quantities in foods such as nuts, shellfish, offal and – it has recently been shown – game birds but intake among UK adults have fallen over the last 15 years.

"There is growing concern amongst health professionals in the UK that selenium intakes are not adequate and this really needs to be addressed before the signs of deficiency become more prevalent in the population," said nutritionist Dr Kelly Johnston.

Experts also recommend adequate sleep and exercise to improve mood, mental health and wellbeing.