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Former Leeds United captain recovering from stroke

Former Leeds United captain recovering from stroke
9th July 2014

The former captain of Leeds United Football Club is preparing to participate in a local 10k run as part of his bid to recover from a stroke.

Brendon Ormsby experienced this condition shortly before Christmas last year and, having been physically active in his sporting career, was determined to overcome this adversity.

The Yorkshire Evening Post reports his family were planning to run the 10k on July 20th to raise money and awareness, even if Mr Ormsby couldn't join in. 

Doctors warned the former footballer and his family that the effects of the stroke were so serious that he may never walk again.

However, he is now able to run for approximately 20 minutes and he has taken part in lots of rehabilitation exercises. 

He is still having difficulties with speaking and writing, and his wife Wendy told the paper: "It's difficult for him, it’s frustrating - he tries to say a word but his mouth is doing something else."

Any money raised from the 10k will go towards the Stroke Association. 

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