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Focus on today's pensioners, says NPC

1st December 2005

Recommendations outlined in the Turner Report should focus more on the situation for current retirees, according to the National Pensioners Convention (NPC).

The NPC believes that the report does not give enough attention to the issues surrounding present pensioners and has ignored the needs of the thousands of elderly people living in the UK.

Although the suggestions are designed to improve the future of the pensions systems, the government must still take into account the current situation and consider the impact on pensioners today, says the NPC.

Only three of the overall recommendations apply to the present generation of older people, with vague references to a universal state pension for those over 75 and plans to keep the means-tested pensions credit.

"The recommendations leave today's pensioners completely out in the cold," commented Joe Harris, NPC general secretary.

"If the government wants today's 11 million pensioners - who are 20 per cent of the electorate - to join any consensus on pension reform, they must raise the basic state pension for all men and women and link it to earnings now."

However, opinions on the Turner Report are split as Age Concern has welcomed the suggestions and believes that it will provide greater opportunities for people.