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Five-in-one polypill 'reduces risk of heart disease and stroke'

Five-in-one polypill 'reduces risk of heart disease and stroke'
31st March 2009

A new pharmaceutical product has been described as having a revolutionary effect on the risk of heart disease or stroke for middle-aged individuals in the UK.

The new drug, known as the polypill, combines aspirin, a statin and three blood pressure-lowering components which could cut the chance of an ageing person suffering from either of the ailments in their latter years.

Going under the name Polycap, the product was tested on over 2,000 volunteers between the ages of 45 and 80 in India by researchers from McMaster University in Canada, with all contributors suffering from one risk factor each, such as smoking or obesity.

The scientists found through the use of separate components in certain patients that the combined drug was just as effective as taking them all at different times.

Named after prominent Canadian senator William McMaster, the university is based in Hamilton, Ontario and specialises in research and health sciences.

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