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Fish oil 'genuinely helps arthritis'

Fish oil 'genuinely helps arthritis'
2nd November 2009

Fish oils help reduce the impact of rheumatoid arthritis and other problems, according to a new joint study.

Teams at Queen Mary, University of London and Harvard Medical School identified that the body converts a certain ingredient found in fish oils into another chemical known as Resolvin D2, which then reduces the inflammation that can bring about a variety of diseases.

Queen Mary University of London professor Mauro Perretti, the leader of the UK team of researchers, said the scientific community has known that fish oils can help with conditions like arthritis.

He explained that they both also looked in detail at this chemical, stating that it seems to be very powerful and that a small amount can have a large effect.

Professor Perretti continued: "We can also work on this chemical and see if it can be used not only to treat or even prevent arthritis, but also as a possible treatment for a variety of other diseases associated with inflammation."

According to the Food Standards Agency, people should get around two portions of fish a week, as omega-3 oils are very important for the continued health of the body.

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