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Fish oil and aspirin 'prevent Alzheimer's and arthritis'

Fish oil and aspirin 'prevent Alzheimer's and arthritis'
25th February 2013

Taking aspirin and omega-3 can help to prevent diseases associated with old age such as Alzheimer's and arthritis, according to new research.

Scientists have long been aware of the anti-inflammatory properties of the two supplements, but a team from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston has discovered the combination of the two can significantly reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases in later life.

Omega-3 fatty acids are taken from fish oils and help to control the overactive immune responses that result from long-term illnesses. Inflammation is the natural response to injury, indicating the body is attempting to heal itself.

However, prolonged inflammation can become chronic, causing arthritis and pain in joints, as well as damaging blood vessels, potentially leading to stroke or Alzheimer's.

Aspirin thins the blood but also stimulates the production of molecules called resolvin, which are made from the omega-3 fatty acids. These elements help to control and reduce the level of  inflammation.

The team discovered one resolvin in particular, named D3, is able to have long-lasting anti-inflammatory effects.

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