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First pill for multiple sclerosis close to release

First pill for multiple sclerosis close to release
27th January 2009

A German drug producer is close to finishing the first pill in the world which can be used to treat multiple sclerosis (MS), it has emerged.

Merck Serono has announced that patients taking its cladribine tablets are having a reduction in their relapse rate of 60 per cent when compared to those taking placebo pills, based on a study of 1,326 sufferers.

The company divided the test subjects into three groups before distributing real pills to two groups and the placebos to one.

Commenting on the breakthrough, chief executive of the Multiple Sclerosis Trust Pam Macfarlane said: "We welcome the positive results of the study. We look forward to the fuller results which we hope will give a clearer picture of the effectiveness of this drug for people with MS."

The Multiple Sclerosis Trust was set up in 1993 in order to educate and inform people on the disease, as well as research into the condition and support sufferers.

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