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Female nursing home residents at lesser risk of osteoporosis

7th June 2006

Female nursing home residents have fewer skeletal fractures and are older when they occur than those women that live at home, according to latest research.

A study at Geneva University Hospital discovered that annual hip fractures among women decreased by 1.3 per cent in a year and were mainly concentrated on female nursing home residents.

It is thought that two factors may be attributed. These include a higher level prescription of calcium in homes and a lesser extent of anti-osteoporotic drugs.

"Women in nursing homes get better preventative care regarding risk factors for falls, and that care translates to a small decrease in the risk of hip fracture," Dr Thierry Chevalley, from the hospital's department of rehabilitation and geriatrics, comments.

Mr Chevalley now claims that his team wishes to extend the period of the study to 15 years to confirm the decrease in the number of hip fractures between the sexes and see what happens to those living in homes for longer periods of time.