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Female heart patients could "benefit from education programmes"

Female heart patients could
7th January 2008

New research from the US has suggested that older, female heart patients will benefit from education programmes as a supplement to clinical care.

Researchers from the University of Michigan have suggested that specifically-designed programmes which encourage symptom control, weight loss and physical activity could lead female heart patients to lead a better quality life.

It was also found that group programmes worked significantly better when the patient's goal was weight loss or increased activity, while individual programmes were better for those attempting to control their symptoms.

Noreen Clark, professor at the University of Michigan School of Public Health and director of the University's Center for Managing Chronic Disease, said that the results could help clinicians treat patients more successfully.

Meanwhile, a recent study published in Menopause (Capped?) International claimed that women receive less effective cardiovascular treatment than men.

Researchers suggested that women are less likely to be diagnosed with the disease and have less access to treatment once they have been.

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