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Faulty pavements causing falls

3rd July 2007

Faulty pavements have floored 2.5 million elderly people, according to research by Help the Aged.

It was found that 33 per cent of those who had fallen received medical attention for their injuries and 13 per cent were afraid of leaving their home again.

And 12 per cent of those who fell pursued the issue with their local council.

The charity has also called on local authorities to improve paving and has made the issue the theme of its awareness day, named Getting Out and About.

Over 400 events will take place around the UK to help give older people the confidence to get around and offer tips on avoiding falls.

Pamela Holmes, healthy ageing manager at Help the Aged, said: "Dangerous paving is risking the lives of our older generation and stopping millions from leading independent and healthy lives.

"For many, once a fall has taken place, it limits normal day-to-day activities because of fear of a reoccurrence. This leads to isolation and a poor quality of life."