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Fast food is 'potential risk' to Alzheimer's patients

Fast food is 'potential risk' to Alzheimer's patients
28th November 2008

A recent study has revealed that foods that are loaded with sugar, fat and cholesterol can be linked to an increased risk of getting Alzheimer's, it has been revealed.

Doctors at the Karolinska Institutet, a medical university in Sweden, found from lab tests that the disease may even be preventable if the trends they have found against the condition undergo several more years of research.

The scientists highlighted the fact that the underlying causes for the disease are still unknown but risk factors are growing in number and are slowly being pieced together, including that of unhealthy food.

Commenting on the study, Susanne Akterin said: "All in all, the results give some indication of how Alzheimer's can be prevented but more research in this field needs to be done before proper advice can be passed on to the general public."

This week, author Terry Pratchett visited Downing Street to warn the government of the problems it faced regarding the project rise in the number of people that will get the disease, adding that more funding needed to be invested in the cause.

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