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Families recognising importance of elderly care

15th February 2006

There is a growing awareness over the need to properly support and care for elderly family members.

A growing number of people are prepared to spend time looking after or arranging care for their elderly parents, according to a new survey.

Research by Direct Line found that one in ten have relocated a family member in order to be responsible for their care and to ensure their health needs are taken care of.

Around ten per cent provided financial help to their parents, at an overall cost of £363 million, while 11 per cent have carried out home and safety checks for older residents.

"The tables have truly turned in many cases and it's now the children wanting to be close to their parents so they can look after them," commented Andrew Lowe, head of Direct Line Home Insurance.

As awareness grows over the importance of long-term care, many are helping elderly relatives to make the decision of moving to a care home or having additional home care services.