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Experts sign joint letter to govt regarding dementia care

Experts sign joint letter to govt regarding dementia care
22nd July 2009

If the government does not triple its expenditure on dementia research in the next five years, the NHS will take too much of a hit from problems in future, it has been asserted.

Over 30 experts made their comments in a joint letter to the prime minister and his cabinet, stating that money only targets the quality of care given to sufferers.

The address continued: "Yet for every pound spent on dementia care, a fraction of a penny is spent on research into defeating the condition.

"Our key weakness is lack of funding, not lack of talent. If the government squanders this opportunity, we will all pay the price."

Professor Julie Williams, the letter's lead author and the chief scientific adviser to the Alzheimer's Research Trust, also emphasised how close medical breakthroughs were coming to actually finding a cure or more effective treatment.

She explained that despite the current climate, upping investment into dementia would be "prudent".

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