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Experts collaborate for Alzheimer's research

Experts collaborate for Alzheimer's research
10th June 2008

Researchers are attempting to develop new diagnostic procedures for patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Currently, there is no single test or biomarker which can identify if an individual will develop the condition and a definite diagnosis can only be made after death.

Teams from academic institutions across Europe, GE Healthcare and the VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland are collaborating in an EU-funded effort to identify a biomarker for the disease.

The PredictAD initiative will study imaging biomarkers such as MRI, PET FDG and PET PIB, electrical brain activity measurement and blood-based markers and develop methods for how to combine this data.

It is thought that combining this information may help differentiate the forms of dementia and improve detection of the conditions.

"Early diagnostics may play an important role in effective medical treatment of Alzheimer's disease, especially in the future, as the next generation of more effective therapies become available for all patients," comments the scientific coordinator of the project, Dr Jyrki Lotjonen.

In related news, the Alzheimer's Society recently claimed not enough people are aware of the early-warning signs related to dementia and urged delete bonus space people to think carefully about the potential causes of any memory loss.