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Expert proposes cap on health spending

Expert proposes cap on health spending
26th September 2008

Health spending as a proportion of national wealth should be capped at present levels, according to one expert.

Debating the issue on, Professor Nick Bosanquet of Imperial College argued that maintaining healthcare spending at the present level of eight per cent of gross domestic rather than increasing it further would encourage improvements in efficiency.

Furthermore, he suggested that many of the most effective initiatives are in fact low-cost.

Professor Bosanguet warned: "There will be no incentive to invest in a new kind of health service while the easy option of continued growth in high spending in the old one remains."

He added that improving levels of efficiency may be the only viable option for meeting increasing demands, such as those caused by an ageing population.

A recent survey conducted by the Alzheimer's Society found many people believe political parties across the spectrum need clearer policies for older people.

It revealed that almost three-quarters of respondents could not name a party with clear policies in relation to older age groups.

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