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Expert: Care for older people with diabetes needs improving

Expert: Care for older people with diabetes needs improving
2nd June 2008

Care for elderly individuals with diabetes needs to improve, according to an expert.

The BBC reports that as Britain's population ages a growing number of people are being affected by chronic conditions such as diabetes.

Professor Alan Sinclair, head of Europe's first dedicated Institute of Diabetes for Older People, told the news provider that diabetes among the elderly has long been neglected, adding that how to care for older people with the condition is often absent from clinical guidelines.

"You have to remember that many elderly people become frail and there is evidence to suggest that diabetes increases that level of frailty," he continued, adding that one in four nursing care home residents suffers from diabetes.

Professor Sinclair stated that the new institute aims to update the care guidelines for diabetes patients in care homes.

It was recently reported that a Mediterranean diet can provide "substantial" protection against type two diabetes.

Research conducted at the University of Navarra in Spain asserted that eating meals rich in olive oil, fruits, vegetables and fish but low in meat and dairy products can lower the risk of diabetes by up to 83 per cent.