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Exercise reduces falling risk

9th July 2007

A new study has explored the usefulness of three programmes designed to reduce falls and improve the quality of life of older people.

It also examined how the programmes boosted confidence among participants.

The programme topics were education, home safety assessment and modification and finally exercise training.

Participants were aged 65 or over and had suffered a fall requiring medical treatment within the last four weeks.

It was found that exercise training had the most positive results, including improvements in functional reach, balance and fear of falling.

Dr Mau-Roung Lin, co-author of the study, said: "The quality of life benefits reflect not just health states, but also how patients perceive and value the health and non-health-related aspects of their conditions before and after receiving an intervention."

It is thought that the programmes could give a new lease of life to older people who have suffered or fear suffering a fall, giving them strategies to prevent such an occurrence as well as giving them confidence to venture out.