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Exercise improves brain health

Exercise improves brain health
13th January 2012

Britons are being advised to exercise more to improve cognitive functioning, following research revealing that physical activity may help to protect individuals with genetic risk factors from Alzheimer's disease.

Dan Roberts, a cognitive therapist and founder of, explained: “Scientists have found that the single best thing we can do to maintain cognitive function is cardiovascular exercise, because maintaining a healthy blood flow to the brain is vital for brain function.”

Stimulating cardiovascular muscles helps to ensure that blood is pumping around the body and reaches the brain.

According to Mr Roberts walking, jogging and cycling are all great ways for older adults to maintain healthy brains.

This is especially important for people with a genetic risk for Alzheimer’s development.

Individuals who carry the apolipoprotein E epsilon-4 genotype can prevent the build-up of the amyloid plaques in the brain that cause Alzheimer’s by staying active, researchers at Washington University have discovered.

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