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Exercise is important to de-stress

Exercise is important to de-stress
1st March 2012

Exercise is often the last thing people want to do when they feel run-down or tense but it is a really effective tool to de-stress.

Charlene Hutsebaut, fitness expert for The De-Stress Diet at, said that keeping active, on a low to medium-intensity, is the best way to stay calm and enjoy exercise.

"Incidental exercise or daily active living [is recommended]," she explained, suggesting that key examples are taking the stairs instead of the lift, walking from the bus and gardening at the weekend.

It is important to focus on how you feel and enjoy the movement rather than stressing about the need to take exercise.

"The benefits of this approach are decreased stress, increased energy and the long term bonuses of enjoyment of exercise and a better looking and feeling body," Ms Hutsebaut said.

Losing weight and doing gentle exercise can also help relieve some of the symptoms of arthritis too, but keeping joints moving and putting less pressure on them.

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