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European leaders urged to eradicate Parkinson's care inequalities

European leaders urged to eradicate Parkinson's care inequalities
26th August 2008

A new campaign has been launched which aims to improve the quality of Parkinson's care across Europe.

The European Parkinson's Disease Association's (EPDA's) Awareness Campaign was unveiled at the 12th Congress of the European Federation of Neurological Societies in Madrid, where a series of emotive short films were broadcast which featured individuals with the condition battling to undertake everyday activities.

It is launched with the intention of increasing people's knowledge and understanding of the disease while also influencing decision-makers across the continent.

EPDA president Stephen Pickard pointed out that Parkinson's places a huge burden on patients, carers and societies, and therefore government action makes both economic and social sense.

He continued: "It's time to address inequalities in care and treatment of the disease and improve the lives of those affected by Parkinson's now and in the future."

Meanwhile, Biotechnology Ireland has reported that a conference is to take place on August 28th and 29th to discuss the latest neuroscience research into diseases including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

It stated that the event at the National University of Ireland will bring together leading neuroscientists, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students all over Ireland, Britain and Europe.

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